How 'R Ya Now

A beer made for chorin'. Or, for skating around pheasants. Orrrrr, for fighting upcountry degens. Our pick? ... All three.

ABV: 6%

How 'R Ya Now, an New England IPA brewed by Night Shift Brewing
A tribute to Letterkenny

Perhaps the closest craft beer to Puppers in spirit. Night Shift scores major points for their beer can artwork and beer name. Wayne, Squirrely Dan, and the rest of the hicks, hockey players, and skids should be proud of Night Shift's How 'R Ya Now.

Night Shift Brewing Beer Description (on can)

"How'r Ya Now" is a greeting often used by our neighbors to the north. Hopped with Citra and Rakau hops, this beer has a pale base with a touch of oats and a sprinkle of caramel malt. Undeniably refreshing and something you can drink while working the produce stand. Notes of lychee, berry and lemon.

Hops & Malts used in the How 'R Ya Now brewing recipe

  • Citra
  • Rakau

Final thoughts on How 'R Ya Now

How 'R Ya Now pours golden. Noticeable citrus and hop aroma. An average amount of carbonation complements the almost Trix cereal (at times) like taste. A bit tart, with an interesting mouthfeel. Enjoyable to drink though.

Pairs best with a "Good N' You?" from Springdale.