Hog Island Beer Company

Microbrewery in Orleans, MA

Cheers to liquid treasure ... What an awesome slogan.

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Hog Island Beer Company in Orleans, MA
Hog Island Outermost IPA

Half a decade later and Hog Island Beer Company is still going strong. The brewery is named after an island in Little Pleasant Bay, on the easternmost side of the Cape. Next time you're in Orleans, take the 30 minute tour for a ten spot, it sounds great. Sold in local stores in and around Massachusetts.

The brewery claims they have found Captain Kidd's buried treasure. Was it a long lost beer recipe?


Had an Outermost IPA on a gorgeous, but cool Spring day. In all honesty, it was quite a relaxing beer. You know, as if anything from Cape Cod should be anything but relaxing. The Outermost is loaded with cascade, chinook, and citra hops.

  • Endless Summer Ale
  • Moon Snail Pale Ale
  • Outermost IPA
  • Target Ship IPA
  • White Shark Wheat


Bar snacks are always fun, especially when they are a step up from just beer nuts. Chowder, salads, wings, pretzels, and a few different pizza types. You can score some Far Out Stout cheese or ale mustard sauce with your brewery pretzel. Nice.