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6% ABV Beers

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The Greatest Beer Run Ever

How could we not acknowledge this on our site? A guy takes a case of PBR across the world for his buddys? Sounds like a really good friend. It's currently a Film in Theaters starring Zac Efron. So check it out.

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6% ABV is just one more than 5% ABV, right? True. It's also going to intoxicate you at a much greater rate. Six percent is a common alcohol by volume range for the modern IPA. It's not an exclusive range though, as you will see a variety of beer styles in the 6% range. One of the most interesting craft brews we've come across is Upland's Abraxxxas, a Lichtnehainer that is sits in a smoky, sour place on the palate.

6.5% Hard Cider

DrySeattle Cider Company

Made with Washington apples, as one would expect from a company called the Seattle Cider Co.

6.7% NEIPA

Route 14067 Degrees Brewing

One of the brewery's signature beers. An all-around drinker that didn't excel at any one thing, but managed to stay balanced and do a bunch of them right.

6% Pale Ale

Glampfire VictualsHubbard's Cave

Things to pack with the towable mini Airstream - a cozy sleeping bag, your 90s Specialized Rock Hopper, and a six pack of Glampfire Victuals.

6.4% IPA

OfficialBell's Brewery

An even-keeled IPA from a family owned Michigan brewery that has been in operation for over 30 years.